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Digitalisation and dedicated domain applications.

How is Kontron Smart Energy Shaping the Future?

Both Transmission System Operator (TSO) and Distribution System Operator (DSO) face increased operational complexity and grid planning challenges. To overcome these challenges, perfect visibility, numerous real-time calculations, and ongoing analysis are required. To overcome outage planning challenges and increase reliability, European grids need to use their interconnectors efficiently and be aware of certain grid conditions such as capacity, generation surplus, consumption demand, flexibility, and others. This is the reason why the smart grid concept has been developed and the urgency of its implementation has increased.
At Kontron Smart Energy, we believe that interoperability, information sharing and leveraging data is the critical value that smart grids have to offer in mitigating these challenges. By implementing IEC Common Information Model (CIM), our SHAPE provides the foundation for smart grid participation. The common ontology enables seamless collaboration operation between internal IT/OT systems, but more importantly, it enables compliance with all the rules. It delivers a common communication “language” between DSOs, regional coordinators and other TSOs by providing the means to implement network codes.

Data Integration Platform

Domain Applications

In order to provide means for managing the information models, to support sustainable grid operations, and to ensure business intelligence, we have developed several applications for:

  • grid network modeling and management,
  • supporting smart relay protection,
  • analytics and forecasting,
  • multivendor smart meter (IoT) integration,
  • microgrid management,
  • and possibility for seamless 3rd party application integration.

Explore the Viable Use Cases

Long distances and digital visibility of legacy infrastructure are major challenges for many system operators. This issue is especially critical when it comes to real-time visibility of critical information from their substations.
Energy is extremely difficult to store efficiently, and it is not always possible to predict when demand will spike. This means that utilities generally must be ready to provide enough energy for their customers’ peak demands, whenever they might come.
Renewable Energy Sources are creating challenges for the energy system like frequency variation, insufficient transfer capacity in the networks, excessive voltage swells/drops, overloading of network equipment, outages and many more.
Collecting data from the grid and then modelling it into required model format for Smart Grid and ENTSO-e interoperable format, present additional challenge for operators. This requires experience and knowledge of grid operation, modelling skills and expert knowledge in the CIM standard which are adopted by ENTSO-e.
Every year the number of new modern and renovated power facilities (power plants and substations) increases. Scope of different numerical relay protection devices (IED’s) from several manufacturers increases significantly.

Why Kontron Smart Energy?


power outages and system blackouts due to human factor


OPEX per year on protection maintenance


power system observability

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